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Todays THE HINDU Newspaper PDF free download

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The Hindu was founded in 1878 as a weekly newspaper in India. after 1889 Hindu becomes a daily newspaper ad from that time Hindu started growing.

On today's date, THE HINDU grows to the circulation of 15,58,378 copies and The Hindu has the active reader of about 23.86 lakhs.

For newsgathering, THE HINDU is using an independent editorial stand and perfect and balanced presentation of the news for the readers over the years.

The corporate office of the Hindu is based in Chennai (Madras). Hindu is printed in seventeen centers including its main corporate office. The printing centers of THE HINDU is at Coimbatore, Banglore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Noida, Visakhpatnam, Thiruvanthapuram, Kochi, Vijaywada, Mangalore, Tiruchirapalli, Kolkata, Hubli, Allahabad, Mohali, Kozhikode. These call centers are connected with high-speed data lines for news across th country.



Schedule for different papers of THE HINDU NEWSPAPER in india


On Mondays

  • Metro plus Newspaper
  • Education plus Newspaper
  • Business Revies Newspaper


On Tuesday

  • Young World Newspaper
  • Metro Plus Newspaper
  • Book Review Newspaper

 On Wednesday

  • Metro Plus Newspaper
  • Empower Newspaper


 On Thursday

  • Metro Plus Newspaper
  • NXG Newspaper
  • Science , Engineering, Technology, and Agri Newspaper


On Friday

  • Friday Reviews Newspaper
  • Metro Plus Weekend Newspaper


On Sunday

  • Open Page Newspaper
  • Downtown Newspaper
  • Classified Newspaper
  • Cinema Plus Newspaper
  • Weekly Magazine
  • Literary Review at every first Sunday of the month


Importance of analysis of the Hindu newspaper in UPSC, cat and banking sector exams

The group of Hindu Publishers also Publishes these Types apart from THE HINDU newspaper

The Hindu Tamil - A Tamil Daily across 8 editions: Coimbatore City edition, Chennai Edition, Madurai City Edition, Puducherry/ South Arcot, Salem & Namakkal, Tirunelveli/ Tuticorin split, Tiruchirapalli city, Vellore/ North Arcot

The Hindu Tamil also comes out with periodical magazines such as Chitirai Malar, Navarathri Malar, Aadi Malar, Diwali Malar

The Hindu Business Line - Business Daily

Sportstar - Fortnightly Sports magazine

Frontline - Fortnightly magazine

Survey of Indian Industry - An annual review on Indian Industries

Survey of Indian Agriculture - An annual review on Indian Agriculture

Survey of the Environment - An annual review of the Environment

THE HINDU SPEAKS ON series - Libraries, Information Technology, Management, Education, Religious Values, Music, Scientific Facts.

FROM THE PAGES OF THE HINDU: Mahatma Gandhi - The Last 200 days.

Sachin, Tribute to a legend

Rajinikanth - 12.12.12, A birthday special


Hindu Management in India

Family of Kasturi Ranga Iyengar runs The Hindu. It was Managed by G Kasturi from 1965 to 1991, N Ravi from 1991 to 2003, and by his brother, N Ram, from 27.06.2003 to 18.01.2011. As of 2020, there are 8 managing directors of Kasturi & Sons board.


The Hindu Managing directors from 1878-2021

  1. Veeraraghavachariar sir (1878–1904)
  2. Kasturi Ranga Iyengar Madam(1904–1923)
  3. Srinivasan sir(1923–1959)
  4. Narasimhan sir (1959–1977)
  5. Ram sir (1977–2011)
  6. Balaji sir(2011–2012)
  7. Rajiv C Lochan sir(2013- 2019)
  8. L V Navaneeth sir(2019–present)

The Hindu Editors from 1878-2021

  1. Subramania Iyer sir(1878–1898)
  2. Karunakara Menon madam(1898–1905)
  3. Kasturi Ranga Iyengar madam(1905–1923)
  4. Rangaswami Iyengar sir(1923–1926)
  5. Srinivasan sir(1926–1928)
  6. Rangaswami Iyengar sir(1928–1934)
  7. Srinivasan sir(1934–1959)
  8. Parthasarathy sir(1959–1965)
  9. Kasturi madam(1965–1991)
  10. Ravi sir(1991–2003)
  11. Ram sir(2003–2012)
  12. Siddharth Varadarajan sir(2012–2013
  13. Ravi sir(2013–2015)
  14. Malini Parthasarathy madam(2015–2016)
  15. Mukund Padmanabhan sir(2016–2019)
  16. Suresh Nambath sir(2019–present)


How To Read E-paper of THE HINDU online?


  • Go to the website of the Hindu.
  • if you are a first-time user then sign in to the website of the Hindu.
  • Go to the thumbnails of papers and choose accordingly your interest.
  • If you want to open their article then click on the Thumbnail of the article.
  • To open your article according to your interest in the new window click the icon.



 or follow these steps 




Todays THE HINDU Newspaper PDF free download

STEP 1 - Go to and search THE HINDU

Todays THE HINDU Newspaper PDF free download

 STEP 2 - When you search THE HINDU this site will appear on the screen click on

                (there are 4 option are givin do not click on them click on MAIN TAGLINE)


Todays THE HINDU Newspaper PDF free download

STEP 3 - when you will click on the tagline this screen will appear on your device.

               (Here you can glance at short news)


STEP 4 - after that click on epaper button on the top bar of the site.

Todays THE HINDU Newspaper PDF free download

STEP 5 - when you will click on epaper then this screen will appear on your device. here they give us multiple sign-in options. choose the sign-in option according to you. (i prefer to sign via google account)


PDF - The Hindu Epaper Free Pdf Download - The Hindu | Pharmaas

STEP 6 - when you will complete your sign on this website this pop-up will come. wou have to fill your name and mobile number into it so you can get updates from THE HINDU website.

(if you need updates from the Hindu in WhatsApp then click on the option of Whatsapp which is given below)


PDF - The Hindu Epaper Free Pdf Download - The Hindu | Pharmaas

STEP 7 - when you complete the step 6 you will get a bonus coupon of the Hindu subscription. (which is valid on the only yearly subscription of the Hindu editorial)


PDF - The Hindu Epaper Free Pdf Download - The Hindu | Pharmaas

STEP 8 - after you will get these 3 options on your screen.

option 1 is for your basics for you. in this they will teach you how to use the hindu website.

option 3 is for epaper of the hindu. if you want to read epaper of the hindu then click on 3rd option


PDF - The Hindu Epaper Free Pdf Download - The Hindu | Pharmaas

STEP 9 - when you will click on 3rd option these options will pop up on your screen. you have to purchase subscription of the hindu for reading epaper so purchase any plan according to you which suits you and dont forget to apply coupon code of the hindu yearly subscription which is given buys the hindu newspaper.



How To Read The Hindu Newspaper for UPSC | Pharmaas | Current Affairs | Officers of Pharmaas


hi, I'm Mihir and I teach current affairs at PHARMAAS. I used to be a Hindu since my college days and but still when I enter into is the creation I found it quite difficult the reason was very simple during my college days, I was a big fan of Toni and I used to be the entire interviews after every IPL match or the t20 World Cup now once you enter the iris recreation the requirements of the exam have to be kept in mind while you read this newspaper the newspaper is published for a variety of audience from businessmen to teachers to students as an eye is a splint you have to remember a few points while you leave a newspaper very important is the time limit you take to be at the newspaper.

I think you should restrain yourself to an hour's time as you read the newspaper the first important thing in reading newspapers identifying important articles now the only guideline which can help you here is a syllabus if you look through the UPC syllabus of tree limbs and means, you will get an idea of what what sort of knowledge is expected of you so when you read in the newspaper if you see an issue on say governance or if you look at an issue on the environment if you look at an issue on economics now that article becomes important for your example what you will have to ignore is sale probably round on these comments after the defeat in the UPR actions or maybe I think of Hrithik Roshan's comments on the recent movie so identifying important articles is the most crucial step and the first step when it comes to reading the Hindu the second the crucial step is in going back to the basic now it will first timer you will have a lot of difficulty in reading every piece of particle let's say for For example there's this issue see the GST laws ready for state assembly.

now I would want to know what is DSC goods and services tax why is it called an indirect tax what other other indirect taxes why is it that a majority in the Rajya Sabha is also needed to pass this GST bill what is a constitutional amendment bill so what I am trying to do this link every piece of the news article to your syllabus to the Constitution or quality article which you've read relate this issue to the stark on aspects to the geography to the economics to every every aspect same socio-political aspect and then try to understand this issue so that's where you go to the basics for every article as a first timer the third important point and the most crucial part of newspaper reading is your note-making over fear one year you read newspapers every day and accumulate so much of information trust me you will not be able to remember this on the eve of the example all that you would be able to do on the eve of the exam is the revised some notes which you've taken so for note-taking.

I've seen a lot of candidates who copy-paste articles or who cut page articles until the note hot friends this really does not help one making your notes remember when important thing an article is different from your notes look at the past version papers let's say from the year 2013 to 16 both your premiums and meets question papers and identify how a question is being asked let's say for example, a question was asked on GST in one of the mains and provisions they ask in will GST a real game-changer for the Indian government so what does that mean you don't have to read this article but actually understand the analytical the aspect of GST will it do good or back to the Indian economy so the three-stage process for the reading newspaper is identifying important articles if you do this you will see in fifty percent of your time number two go back to the basic so that it makes more sense to your corporation number three you're not making which is the most crucial like when it comes to your revision on the eve of the exam hope this helps for more videos we'll get back to you soon.





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PDF - The Hindu Epaper Free Pdf Download - The Hindu | Pharmaas


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