Biostatistics and research methodology MCQ -                           b.pharma SEM 8

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1. Literature review is not usually concerned with helping in

a) objective setting

b)research instrument design

c) literary appreciation

d)subsequent data collection.


2. The literature review will examine:

a) only facts

b) only one side of the main argument

c) only opinions

d) all aspects of a topic


3. The starting point for a literature search is

 a) primary data

b) tertiary data

c) secondary data

d) some other data


4. Which is the major disadvantage of using peer-reviewed journals in literature reviews?

a) the information is too recent

b) information could be as old as four years

c) subscription fees are high

d) Humans control the quality



5. Why is it important for a researcher to review the literature?

 a) Because it will find if anyone has done the work before

 b) Because it is traditional

 c) Because it identifies like-minded researchers

 d) Because it shows time has been spent on the subject


6. To read the literature critically means

 a) to suggest the previous research was always poorly conducted

 b) skimming through the material because most of it is just padding

 c) evaluating what you read in terms of your own research questions

 d) being negative about something before you read it.


7. Schematic literature review is

a) one which generates a literature review using a treasure hunt system

b) a replicable, scientific, and transparent process

c) one which gives equal attention to the principal contributors to the area

d) a manufactured system for generating literature reviews tailored to your subject.


8. According to the Harvard referencing convention, pick out the correct version of showing this

book in a bibliography

a) Bryman, A. and Bell, E. (2011, 3e) Business Research Methods, Oxford; Oxford University Press

b) Bryman (2011, third edition), Oxford University Press

c) Bryman and Bell, Business Research Methods (2011: OUP)

d) Bryman, A. Business Research Methods (2011)



9. Which of the following statements about plagiarism is most accurate?

a) It is so easy to "copy and paste" from the internet that everyone does it nowadays. If a proper reference is given, where is the harm in that?

b) How can we say for sure where our own ideas come from exactly? If we tried to give a reference for everything we could never hope to succeed.

c) Any suggestion that we have written what another actually wrote is morally wrong. The whole point of a literature review is to show what we have read and what we thought about it.

d) Plagiarism is such an awful crime that those found guilty should be obliged to wear a scarlet "P" on their clothing.



10. Which of the following is not required in a reference list or bibliography entry?

 a) Call number

 b) Place of publication

 c) Authors’ names

 d) Publisher.


11. The main purpose of research in education is to _________

a) Help in the personal growth of an individual

b) Help the candidate become an eminent educationist

c) Increase job prospects of an individual

d) Increase social status of an individual


12. _____ is the classical form of research?

a) Experiment

b) Case study

c) Grounded theory

d) Narrative inquiry


13. Preliminary data collection is a part of the________

 a) Descriptive research

 b) Exploratory research

 c) Applied research

 d) Classical research


14. _______research is the naturalism

a) Field research

b) Descriptive research

c) Basic research

d) Applied research


15. If the researcher is concerned with finding out who, what, when or how much, then the study is ________

a) Descriptive research

b) Exploratory research

c) Empirical research

d) Causal research



16. _______ is referred to as "the father of research on teaching"?

 a) N. L. Gage B.

 b) David Berliner

 c) Egon Brunswik

 d)Donald T. Campbell


17. MLA stands for______

 a) Modern Literature Art

 b) Modern Linguistic Association

 c) Modern Language Association

 d) Make Life Awesome


18. E-books are_______

 a) Normal text book in electronic version

 b) Paperless book

 c) Soft copy of the book

 d) All the above


19. Reference should be ______

 a) In the alphabetical order

 b) In the end of research article

 c) Strictly follow the instruction of the publisher 

 d) All the above



20. What is a bibliography?

 a) A true story written about someone

 b) Another name for writing a book.

 c) A religious book.

 d) A list of sources used in a report and where they can be found.


21. If a solution has to be a buffer, its pH should be

 a) at its pka value

b) at its ka value

c) at 7

d) at 14


22. Molar absorbtivities of compounds exhibiting charge transfer absorption are

 a) small

b) moderate

c) large

d) extra large


23. Beer Lambert’s law gives the relation between which of the following?

a) Reflected radiation and concentration

b) Scattered radiation and concentration

c) Energy absorption and concentration

d) Energy absorption and reflected radiation



24. Beer’s law states that the intensity of light decreases with respect to

a) concentration

b) distance

c) composition

d) volume


25. What is the use of tubular-bowl centrifuge?

a) to separate soap from oil

b) to separate waste material

c) to separate cells and viruses from broth

d) to separate salts from mixtures


26. In which industry tubular-bowl centrifuge not used?

a) food industry

b) pharma industry

c) metallurgical

d) baking industry


27. The product of freeze dried sample can be stored at________ for long time.

a) 3°C

b) 4°C

c) 10°C




28. Freeze drying’s second phase is ______

a) primary drying

b)condensation drying

c) secondary drying

d)freeze drying


29. Agarose can be extracted from which of the following?

a) Gracilaria esculentus

b) Lycazusican esculentum

c) Ficum benghalensis

d) Agrostis stolonifera


30. Electrophoresis cannot be used to separate___________

a) DNA


c)amino acid



31. The polymerization of the gel used in PAGE occurs between polyacrylamide and________

a) N, N- acrylamide

b) Bisacrylamide

c) N- methyleneacrylamide

d) N, N- methylene bisacrylamide




32. If DNA is digested by endonucleases in four sites giving rise to fragments of which two are

equal in length how many bands would be seen after electrophoresis?

a) 3


c) 5



33. The fluorescent dye such ethidium is used for visualizing DNA. How do ethidium binds to DNA?

a) stacked between histone molecules

b) binds to the nucleotide base

c) intercalated between the stacked bases

d) binds to the phosphodiester backbone


34. Which of the following will migrate faster? The condition is the molecular weight of the following is equa

a) supercoiled circular DNA

b) nicked circular DNA

c) single stranded DNA

d) Double stranded DNA


35. Which of the following is not a character of polyacrylamide gel?

a) inert

b) ionic strength

c)stable over a wide range of pH

d) separate upto a few 100bp of DNA


36. Lead levels in drinking water could be determined by using


b) GC-MS

c) CZE

d) AAS


37. Which of the following techniques would be useful for monitoring dioxin levels in the environment?

a) GC-MS

b) AES

c) CZE

d) AAS


38. Which of the following is commonly used as the mobile phase in GC-MS?

a) CH3CN

b) He

c) H2O

d) air


39. Derivatization of drugs is a routine strategy during analysis by GC-MS. Which of the following is not a routine derivatizaton method?

a) methylation

b) trimethylsilyation

c) perfluoroacylation

d) bromination


40. 1 pg is equal to 1x10-12g

41. Sample size depends on

 a) Type of problem investigated

 b) Resources available

 c) Required precision

 d) all of them


42. Data obtained by the investigator from personal experimental studies is called

 a) Primary data

 b) Arrayed data

 c) chronological data

 d) None of these


43. When data is classified according to the magnitude it is called

a) Chronological

b) qualitative

c) quantitative

d) continuous


44. Frequency of a discrete variable can be represented by

 a) Line diagram

 b) Bar diagram

 c) none of them

 d) both of them


45. Continuous variables are represented by

a) Histogram

b) line diagram

c) bar diagram

d) pie chart


46. Percentage frequency distribution is represented by

 a) Frequency polygon

b) Ogive representation

c) pie diagram

d) frequency table


47. Mode is

a) Most frequent value

b) Least frequent value

c) Middle most value

d) none


48. The positional average is

 a) mean

 b) median

 c) mode

 d) harmonic mean


49. Mean deviation can be computed from

 a) arithmetic mean

b) mode


d) variance


50. Which of the following is a measure of variation?

a) standard deviation

b) midrange

c) mode

d) median 

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