Water allergy - Allergy with water in girl-boy, 

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What is aquagenic urticaria( water allergy)??

Aquagenic urticaria (water allergy) is a rare form of urticaria, a type of hives that causes a rash to appear after you touch the water. It’s a form of physical hives and is associated with itching and burning.

Aquagenic hives are thought to be a water allergy. However, research is limited.
According to a 2011 reportTrusted Source, there are fewer than 100 cases of aquagenic urticaria reported in the medical literature.

Hives from this condition can be triggered by many water sources, including:

  • rain
  • snow
  • sweat
  • tears

Aquagenic urticaria, also known as water allergy and water urticaria, is a rare form of physical urticaria in which hives develop on the skin after contact with water, regardless of its temperature. It is sometimes described as an allergy, although it is not a true histamine-releasing allergic reaction like some other forms of urticaria. The condition typically results from contact with water of any type, temperature, or additive.

                                      water allergy in girl or lady

water allergy in girl or lady

                                water allergy in the boy or man

water allergy in boy or man

What causes water allergy or allergy with water?

The cause of aquagenic urticaria is not fully understood; however, several mechanisms have been proposed. Interaction between water and a component in or on the skin or sebum has been suggested. This theory suggests that a substance is formed by this interaction, the absorption of which causes perifollicular mast cell degranulation with the release of histamine.

Example of water allergy or allergy to water.

 The Cardiff woman who is allergic to water. Cherelle Farrugia, a 25-year-old mum from Cardiff, breaks out in a painful rash every time she comes into contact with water. She was diagnosed with a rare condition called aquagenic urticaria earlier this year after giving birth to her daughter.

Symptoms of allergy with water

Aquagenic hive is a rare condition that can cause an itchy, painful rash. 

This rash commonly appears on the neck, arms, and chest, though hives can appear anywhere on the body.

Within minutes of being exposed to water, people with this condition can experience:

  1. erythema, or reddening of the skin
  2. burning sensations
  3. lesions
  4. welts
  5. inflammation

In more severe cases, drinking water can cause you to experience symptoms including:

  1. rash around the mouth
  2. difficulty swallowing
  3. wheezing
  4. difficulty breathing

When you dry your body, symptoms should begin to fade within 30 to 60 minutes.

Treatment/ drugs of preventing allergy with water or water allergy in girl or boy.

There is currently no treatment that will permanently cure the condition. Avoidance of water is recommended as the first line of defense, and most treatments are palliative in nature rather than curative.

Oral or topical antihistamine

Topical corticosteroids: specifically stanozolol.


Barrier cream

Side effects of water allergy in girl/boy

  1. Dizziness
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Dry eyes
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Problems urinating
  6. Constipation
  7. agitation

How to prevent water allergy

Desensitization does not seem to work for aquagenic urticaria; a patient will continue to react to water no matter how gradually or frequently it is introduced. Topical application of antihistamines like 1% diphenhydramine before water exposure is reported to reduce the hives. Oil in water emulsion creams, or petrolatum, applied as barrier agents prior to a shower or bath may control symptoms. The therapeutic effectiveness of various classes of drugs differs from case to case.

Reference:-  www.wikipedia.com

Watery eyes 

The reaction leads to numerous irritating symptoms, such as itchy, red, and watery eyes.

An allergic reaction of water allergy

The response of the host to the presence of foreign substances can trigger four types of hypersensitivity reactions:

Type I: Immediate Hypersensitivity (Anaphylactic Reaction)

type 1 Water allergy - Allergy with water in girl-boy, sign and symptoms

Type II: Cytotoxic Reaction (Antibody-dependent)

type 2 Water allergy - Allergy with water in girl-boy, sign and symptoms

Type III: Immune Complex Reaction

type 3 Water allergy - Allergy with water in girl-boy, sign and symptoms

Type IV: Cell-Mediated (Delayed Hypersensitivity)

type 4 Water allergy - Allergy with water in girl-boy, sign and symptoms

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