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India's corona warriors

India's corona warriors against corona virus | pharmaas

Today we are living in once in a century event of a massive pandemic of coronavirus. Also, all citizens are cooperatively working for the fight against coronavirus, in this situation every niche contribution like ‘self-isolation’ is appreciable from every citizen but today we try to appreciate the front-line warriors in this pandemic who are our soldiers in this healthcare war. “The doctors, the policemen, the healthcare workers, the journalists, the cleaners”.

zMany people think they are just doing their job but we have to remember that nothing is more important than ‘my life for everyone’ and they are risking their lives for the safety of the people of the country.

In the beginning, I will start with that warriors are those whose work not considered very reputed in our “so-called” society but if they are not there then this fight will be definitely lost by us, we see them every morning clean our society, our area, our city, our village and maintain proper hygiene of our surroundings and all of us know hygiene is a key against this pandemic.

They are highly vulnerable to this virus because they directly come in contact with those surfaces which might be exposed by a coronavirus. Imagine The hypothetical scenario in 40 days of lockdown they were not working around us, Utter desperate situation for us even in imagination. And lastly dear cleaners we are thankful to you for maintaining all of our hygiene.

Now we will talk about the front-line assaulter of this healthcare war, the Doctors. They are working on keeping the mortality rate as low as possible even there is no cure for this disease with limited healthcare facilities available in our country. To understand their vulnerability we can see the example of Italy where hundreds of doctors and healthcare workers died while treatment of the infected patients.

Don’t even care about their life and safety while treating infected patients. Now it’s our responsibility that we give them adequate reputation when they come from their day's long duty of curing people and do not isolate from society.

 And let them feel that society take an account of their sacrifices, for satisfy their self-esteem needs.

Now, we talk about the amazing people who are working day and night with their long-lasting stick just for the sole purpose of keeping yourself in your house only.

You may be thinking they were rude on us but this is just for your benefit only. We can see the photos on social media that a lot of policemen are sleeping on the road for many days, even they were singing songs for us and many more activities, just for keeping the order of a social distance and home isolation maintained in all over the country.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate and salute them for the working under tremendous pressure of administration and public reactions like pelting stone, non-cooperation with the abuse they keep themselves aggressively calm and continued their non-stop long-lasting duty.

Fourth we talk about those warriors that we see or read a lot during this pandemic for information. And they also provide us sufficient, accurate, and important information on the time with the detailed elaboration and they also prevent the spread of rumours during this delicate time.

yes, we are talking about journalists, reporters and news editors. In this time they understand their importance and daily update us with important news of this pandemic and government regulation.

They motivate us that we can fight against coronavirus successfully and convince us about the need for lockdown in our country. Other warriors are working on prevention or treatment but journalists prepare “us for the fight”.

And lastly, we talk about the supporter of our front of assaulter in this healthcare war, our all healthcare workers.

They were doing the all necessary work which is not done by doctors, like sample collection hygiene of the patient providing the necessary needs of the patient, taking care of the patient in every niche when they were hospitalized.

They are even more vulnerable than the doctors get infected by coronavirus because their whole duty is concentrated around the infected patients.

In conclusion, we want to say to all of our corona warriors that you are doing a phenomenal job and taking care of our lives, you are giving lots of sacrifices for our lives, full heartily salute for your fantastic work and we are indebted to your service for us.

There are many corona warriors in Gujarat and all over the country. there is no definition that is there for corona warriors.

the one who is working for their country in this coronavirus situation is corona warrior. the man or woman who is helping each other or poor people they are corona warriors you are corona warrior if you helped someone in this coronavirus situation.

India's corona warriors against corona virus | pharmaas

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How corona warriors are saving lives

"For as long as two months, lakhs of our kin have been sacrificially serving others day and night, without thinking about themselves," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his Thursday's location to the country on the COVID-19 pandemic.

"On Sunday, at precisely 5 pm, we as a whole remain at the entryways, galleries, and windows of our homes, and give them every one of them five-minute overwhelming applause. We applaud, beat our plates and ring our chimes to help their assurance and salute their administration," he said.

As the country outfits to ascend in appreciation, Mail Today discovers how crisis administration individuals are functioning enthusiastically to smooth the Corona bend and what props them up.

Specialists, paramedics, and medical attendants across Delhi-NCR, as somewhere else in the nation, are taking a chance with their lives to guarantee that the malady doesn't spread from patients to relatives and others.


Furthermore, among the cutting edge, Corona Warriors are the individuals who manage travelers showing up at air terminals. A group of 120 faculty, including specialists and paramedical staff members from the Airport Health Organization (APO), works in four movements at Terminal 3 of Delhi's Indira Gandhi International (IGI) air terminal where they are answerable for directing warm examining of travelers originating from outside nations.

The greater part of these authorities is associated with up close and personal contact with travelers that stances dangers for themselves. A slight error or carelessness could demonstrate dangerous for them and others.

"Challenge is to guarantee that we don't contract the infection. Back home after office, I ensure that separation is kept up with relatives. Fortunately, my better half and other relatives bolster me. We maintain a strategic distance from contact with one another, particularly with senior residents and children however much as could reasonably be expected," said an APHO part. Each time an official leaves the air terminal for home, he/she needs to go for a clinical registration.


Authorities assigned to filter travelers have been given all security gears like great face covers (N95), hand gloves and other hardware. On a given day, Terminal 3 observers a footfall of around 1 lakh travelers. At any rate 20, 000 travelers are experiencing checking in a 12-hour move.


In neighboring Noida, the battle against Coronavirus, it appears, has assumed control over the lives of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Gautam Buddh Nagar, Anurag Bhargava, and his staff. Bhargava, 59, has been going to gatherings with his staff, accepting calls of those with fears about the infection or visiting private edifices and workplaces to forestall a potential episode. He is specifically following contacts of patients or suspects.

His staff members state that on specific days, he even skips suppers. On one such day, on Saturday, when Noida enrolled its fifth positive case, Bhargava raced to the influenced lodging complex in Sector 77. He additionally instructs occupants to do entryway to-entryway screening.

"My better half and youngsters live in Lucknow. They are stressed over me," Bhargava said. In another task on Saturday, Bhargava investigated a rundown of individuals from Noida who interacted with Coronavirus positive artist Kanika Kapoor.

He said his group works 24*7 to keep the COVID-19 spread from entering the network transmission stage. In spite of the fact that he gets many calls and content and WhatsApp messages, he figures out how to keep himself without a care in the world. He ensures that no significant call is missed.

"I can't miss any call, as there are times individuals with movement history and side effects are legitimately calling me," Bhargava said. Authorities like Bhargava are the second line of safeguard after air terminal specialists, as they attempt to keep the circumstance from raising to the network transmission stage.

Seventy-nine new COVID-19 cases were accounted for in India on Saturday, taking the complete number to 315 even as the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) gave rules for another testing system for the compelling following of patients. In Delhi, six new cases were included Saturday taking the complete number to 26.


In Gurugram, another NCR town, Civil Surgeon Dr. Jaswant Singh Punia drives a group that works for 16 to 18 hours every day at the medical clinic. "Getting data about contaminated people with outside movement history is the most testing activity. Odds of the disease are in every case high so we must be extra cautious about us and about our families. We put national obligations ahead," Punia said.


Crown Warriors are not limited to Delhi-NCR alone. It is 3 pm and time to close this Sector 38 dispensary, one of the greatest in Chandigarh. Dr. Shawetamberi and her partner, Dr. Heevi, are occupied in purifying themselves. They clean their telephones and convey the least things with the goal that the infection doesn't go to their homes.

Dr. Shawetamberi is stressed over her 85-year-old relative who is a major danger of getting the contamination in the event that she conveys the infection home. "She (mother-in-law) gets somewhat stressed and advises me to avoid potential risk when I get back," she said.


Dr. Heevi is similarly worried about her children and old guardians. While the senior individuals comprehend her calling, her little children don't need her to go out after they observed some alarming Coronavirus recordings being shared via web-based networking media. "My folks have been steady. My children are on edge however," she said.


Down south, Sneha, a medical attendant who was a piece of the Coronavirus disengagement group in Kerala's Alleppeyhad needs to avoid her family that she was posted in a COVID-19 consideration ward. "At first we had a six-hour obligation. Later when the obligation hours were balanced, we were approached to labor for four hours in one go in light of the fact that it was hard for us to be in the defensive apparatus for longer hours," Sneha said.

"We must be cautious that we don't allow the infection to spread. While we were in the disengagement room, we shouldn't evacuate any piece of the defensive apparatus. We could go out just when another person was there to supplant us," she said. Sneha was a piece of the group that rewarded the main patient from Kerala who has now been released.

"One of my children goes to class and another is two years of age. I was stressed over them. I had told just my significant other that I was posted in the Corona care unit. He was extremely steady," she said.


The country will offer its thanks as a feature of Sunday's Janata Curfew.

"Janata Curfew implies a time limitation forced for individuals, by individuals, on individuals. This Sunday, March 22, all residents must comply with this from 7 am until 9 pm. We will neither leave our homes nor get onto lanes or wander about our regions. This will in a manner be a litmus test for us to see and test how arranged India is," the PM said on Thursday.

(With contributions from Manjeet Sehgal in Chandigarh)

The Gujarat Police Department is the law enforcement agency for the state of Gujarat in India. The Gujarat Police has its headquarters in Gandhinagar, the state capital. The Gujarat Police Department came into existence after Gujarat's separation from the Greater Mumbai state on 1 May 1960.


India's corona warriors against corona virus | pharmaas

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