Eye disorders | eye vision problem and treatment | eye disease

eye and eye vision disorders

all information about the eye and its structure.

Eye disorders | eye vision problem and treatment | eye disease

-eye and eye health:-

the eye is very complex in structure and very difficult to understand the structure of the eye.

                                                     Parts of eyes vision

Parts of the eyes:-

The significant pieces of the eye are recorded underneath. the tissue in any piece of the eye causes numerous normal eye condition.

- Cornea:-

the cornet is a layer of away from at the front of the eye that assists center with light.

- Tear conduits:-

the opening to the tear conduits is situated in the upper and lower eyelids at the inward corner of the och eye.

tears are emitted by the lacrimal organ from the external, upper eyelid to the outside of the eye.

Iris and retina:-

the hued piece of the eye is the iris. it is a lot of muscles that control the understudy, which is the opening in the eye.

the retina converts to the electric signals and sends it to the optic nerve.

Optic nerve:-

it is a thick bundle of thick nerve fibers and that is available at the backside of the eye. it transmits the electrical signals to the brain.

                                           Eye vision problems

eye and eye vision disorders

Refractive fault:-

this fault happens when the light is not focused properly, that causes the blur vision, glasses some times surgery can correct the refractive fault.

nearsightedness in which far object looks blurry.

farsightedness in which near objects look blurry.

astigmatism in which blurry vision happening because the cornea is not shaped properly in eyes.

presbyopia which occurs due to the less elasticity of the lens due to aging.

                                  Eye disease and treatments 

Eye diseases name:-

  • nearsightedness
  • farsightedness
  • astigmatism
  • presbyopia
  • cataract
  • glaucoma
  • AMD
  • amblyopia
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • dry eye syndrome


a cataract is a clouding of the lens. it occurs the blurry and color-tinted vision. a person with cataract often report haloes at which he is looking.


in glaucoma increase the fluid pressure in the eye. it occurs the damage to the eye optic nerve.
a common cause of glaucoma is blindness. 

important risk factors are age, family history, race, and other important risk factors.

Age-related muscular degeneration:- 

Age-related muscular degeneration in which muscles are degenerate after the age of 60 years.
in this, the muscle of macula cells is damaged.


it is commonly known as a lazy eye. it occurs when vision has not properly at the child age or the development of the eye, and the brain favors the eye for good vision.

Diabetic retinopathy:-

in this diabetic retinopathy damage the blood vessels in the eye that cause blindness.
it occurs due to diabetes.

to control this disorder you need to control the blood sugar level and concern to the eye doctor. and visit the doctor every 6 months for an eye checkup and eye examination.

Dry eye syndrome:-

dry eye syndrome happens due to the lack of tears and some side effects of medications.

also happens the blurry vision and some pain.

                         How other disease affects the eye vision

an autoimmune disorder is connected to the eye vision when the disease comes to the immune system it connects to the nerves and the blood vessels.

they are spread to the all over the body, the nerves are present in the eye and it is very sensitive.

                                       Autoimmune disease

Behcet disease:-

this disease is very rare it happens around 100 cases per year.

in this disease, the infected cells are attacking the normal health and the immune system.it leading to blindness in this disease. symptoms connect to the eye and mouth sore and pain.

Lupus disease:-

lupus is the disease is happened by the autoimmune disorder after the long term disorder, in this disorder the normal healthy cell is affected by the other damaged cells and it damages the kidney, lungs, eyes, and sour eyes and also dry eyes.

Multiple sclerosis:-

multiple sclerosis is the disease in which the cells are damaged or eats away the protecting layers and covering of nerves.

nerves are present in the body if they are damaged then the communication between the body and the brain is disturbed. nerve damage is affecting to eyes if optic nerves are damage than the eye vision also affects and may be causing the blindness.


psoriasis is the disease in which the pain occurs in joints. also, the white patches and the redness occurs.

Rheumatoid arthritis:-

RA is the disease in which the dryness and inflammation and whites eye and thinking od eye, it is a very painful condition.

Thyroid disease:-

the low or high thyroid disease condition increases the glaucoma symptoms. in glaucoma, the blood pressure is the increase in the eyes.

which leads to the generate the other layers in the eyes. which leads the vision blur and blindness.

Ulcerative colitis:-

in some patients the "nonspecific inflammation of eyes".

Eyes vision treatments and vision improvement
some tests and examination are present that can identify that your eyes vision are good or bad.

to improve the vision must eat fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals.

Eye disorders | eye vision problem and treatment | eye disease

if you have glasses in eyes so you can prefer the cold water sprinkle directly to the eye or use some eye drops to provide the cool environment in the eye.

A few medication fixes of different maladies in the body it additionally influences the eye vision and furthermore produces the vision issue in the eyes.

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